21 Feb 2015

Are We Reading The Same Al-Quran?

Are we reading the same holy Quran?

When I was a teenager
I faced culture shock
Which is totally different
From what I believe & practice.

The first question I keep on questioning my self was
Why majority of the students  in “Religious Academy”
-Are dating?
-Go out on a date?!
And Memorizing the holy Quran but never practice?
Ask them about proofs to quote from The Holy Quran is just like click on their fingertip
: so easy.
Why they are groups that hate each other?

Upon Graduating
I met many pious personals  by appearance..
With the title of “Ustaz & Shaikh” in the community…
Some are famous…
Some are just Low profile…
And some are Well known TV personalities.
Who preach to always be good,
And to be forgiving all the time.

But when they are :
Angry all kinds of words came out
Facing disagreement they cut ties
Sceptic towards others
Judging others by look, appearance & martial status.
Criticizing people attires & attitudes.
Keeping grudges and always complaining.
Almost never think positive
Don't seems to love & respect themselves
Hypocrites- Very Gentle towards their students / fans
Behind, all those students & fans were criticized like there's no Lord.
 At home They became rude and rough  towards
Their wives, siblings,parents & family members...
Cannot mingle & socialize with just anyone for it will disrupt their spiritual awakening.

Why never walk the talk?

In order to achieve the spiritual awakening journey
You can't forgive those who bang their doors on your face?
You can't forget those negative words they said to you?
You can't even wish well your family and relatives?
You let go of your pride to seek forgiveness first?

I don't want to be the chosen hypocrite.
I believe we are not meant to be.
I am so sick and tired of this kind of society.
I decided to move on & search inside myself.

Thank You Lord!
I met My Love ML.
She made all the taboos questions in my thoughts
Came to live.
I let her break and shake me
She liberated my soul from
All those why and the never end why.
I step out and face all my fears.

While exploring I met my new found
Beloved mentor Suria Mohd.
I fall In love with her & her way of thinking.
After learning-listening to most of her classes
In her I found my believe and confidence
To return to
“there's no Lord but Allah!”

I saw my Lord in different perspective
I am in love with the most Loving Lord
Who truly love & care for humankind
Who gave me brain to think & heart to feel.
Who am I to question other people's actually?

Today I truly believe.
The religion which I choose to name Islam.
Belong to my Lord which I choose to call Allah.
My Lord sent the Holy Quran as guidance to those who are Aware.
Many know how to read & memorize
But the lessons can only be revealed to those who
Choose to be Aware & Think.
I choose to believe the holy Quran without
Cultural dictates & social judgements.

I am His Vicegerent  who is nothing but given everything.
My role is to be the best version  of me
While surrendering my soul to Him.
My only Idol is His Beloved Messenger
Sent down to earth to Spread mercy for the universe.

All those experiences & Questions are so beautiful.
Everyone in my life are so special soul.
They may not believe what I believe
It is okay.
They may love and hate me.
That's not me, it's just their feelings.
Their existence may to teach & train me indirectly
I value them & appreciate their thoughts.
In my world they're good and bad things or situations.
They are plenty of opportunities for me to
Grow, Learn and soar to be only the best for my soul.
I will treasure each and everyone who came or pass my live.
For what's is happening around my thoughts & feelings
Will always be good for me.

29 Dec 2014

5 Tips to Be Cool Single Ladies. Part 2

{3} Love Yourself Unconditionally.
Take care and love yourself  carefully. Always put yourself first, don't give away your time and energy to something not worth it for you.

Balance your time between you, family,friends and work.
Love yourself enough to set boundaries. Your time and energy are precious. You get to choose how you want to use it. You teach people how to treat you by deciding what you will and want to accept it.
😳 Some people will think that single mean she or he got nothing to do, so can call him or her up to attend their needs. This has to Stop! Don't feel bad for saying "no" to your relatives or friends if you don't feel like it.

Self love is the apposite of fear, the more you like yourself, the less you fear anything.
Loving yourself makes you feel good.
According to @Louise Hay : Loving The Self is the "MAGIC WAND" that dissolve problems.
Loving yourself is going to bring such a surge of good feelings and good fortunes to you that will be dancing on air.🎉🎉🎉

To love the self, stop criticism. Apply Self-Approved and Self-Acceptance.
Have you ever try looking at the mirror and say "I Love You"?
Try chanting over these "I love & Approve of myself exactly as I am."
Take note & feel the difference.

Treat yourself well. Buy yourself anything that make you happy, eat anything that is good for your heart, mind, body and soul. Pamper yourself with the hygiene protocols every day, go for a spa once a week / month or be near to the nature.
Rewards yourself if you manage to accomplish anything even if it was just fry the egg.
Keep a victory log it will help to boost your self-esteem.

{4} Manage Your Emotions.
We are human who is equipped with feelings and emotions.
Sometimes we are happy and sometimes we are not. That's fact we can't run away from it.
So how do you handle your low emotion state? 😃😊😳😌😭😅
Bottle up?
Throw tantrums to your love one?
Slam and lock the door?
Ignore and keep quiet when your parent talking to you?
If any of the answers are Yes. It's a sign you are not emotionally mature.
You need help!

Living in Singapore one of the cause to experience stress, so how do you distress?
Those negative feeling and stress need to let go.
We must acknowledge of our low emotions  and find ways to rigor and let go,
surrender and move on.
Eating or shopping to distress will not help your spiritual growth and health.

I might share on how to release low emotion and stress in next post.

{5} Empower Yourself with Knowledge & Skill.
Learn & Explore about yourself - Ask Yourself
➡️  What is your dream?
➡️ What are your deepest desire for yourself?
➡️ What is your Core desired feeling?
➡️ What is it you want to experience?
➡️ How do you want to feel?
➡️ What could be better for your self growth?

Maybe after answering one of these questions, you will get the answer
To stay as single or find your soulmate.

Explore and learn to equip yourself with new knowledge or skill.

Take art or language classes or join fitness club.
Learn how to cook or bake.
Learn how to cook other cultures traditional foods.
When you explore and find new talent to be better photographer, designer, writing a book or blog.
It could lead you to the new side of yourself.
Learn how to be financially independent or how to make money unconventionally.
Read Kim Kiyosaki's books and more books or open up to new non conventional ways of making money.
Figure out ways to manage your emotions so you can communicate only with love.

Get involve in the community, how to contribute?
What is it you want to give back?
Maybe you want to donate some of your time?.

You might want to inspire more single ladies to feel empowered
Living as Free from cultural dictates or social conditioning around you.

Get yourself exposed to a more healthier activities.
If your intention is clear, with His Bounty & Blessings you will
Attract a positive, supportive and free from cultural dictates person as partner
That is perfect for you.

Have Faith & Focus on Positive Vibes~!

Hope this post bring love to you.


25 Dec 2014

5 Tips to Be Cool Single Ladies. Part 1

May peace, joy, love & blessing be upon my beloved readers.
Rabi'u Awwal is month of Lord's Love & Mercy for humankind.
In celebrating the month of Love I would love to share about 5 Tips to be a Cool Single Ladies.

Being Single is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about it.
How do I overcome the spinster label?
Personally I never feel or think that label is something bad or negative. I believe it won't block my Success in life.
I love Zig Ziglar's quote: Don't be distracted by what people call you.  Remember...the only taste of success some people have is when they take a bite of you.

I believe every single thing that has ever happened in my life is preparing me for a better moment that is yet to come.  Sometimes the best thing take time. So be patient & be grateful.
Just because you don't get what you want now, doesn't mean it's not right. Patience is the key to the key.
So these are 5 daily activities that I practiced to work on my self, that made some of you think I am Cool Single Lady.

{1} Be Yourself.
Accept & Be Yourself, be proud of yourself.
"Respect your uniqueness & drop comparison. Relax into your being." Ohso

According to Steve Maraboli, when you are living the best version of yourself, you inspire others to live the best version of themselves. So stay true to ourselves, if not we will die! Sometimes it's not a physical death. But an emotional or spiritual death.
Just because all your classmates are married, you must be married too. Maybe not now,next time may be.
Look at Maryam El-Batul mother of Prophet Isa,she is single & granted Heaven. Rabi'atul 'Adawiyah freed slave granted Heaven and single. Siti Khadijah bint Khuwailid after being single for long time. Remarried at the age of 40 to the best human on earth. Some famous writers & speakers are successful after divorced. Why do you have to feel miserable about being single at this moment?
Be comfortable in your own skin, accept & appreciate every parts of your being.  Approve of Yourself.

{2} Be Grateful. 
Grateful heart won't get hurt or emotionally disturbed. 
Be grateful that you can have your own 'Me time' anytime you feel like it, if you know how to manage it.
Be grateful that you can devout your time for your parent or grandparent. You won't have to think twice or ask permission from anyone if you want to spend your time with them anytime you feel like it. If you want to travel or study or explore new advanture, just go for it. No one is stopping you if you are living free from Limiting Believe. 
Such as, I can't travel alone, what if I'll be gossip or some people attack me.
You can always turn this belief around!
I can travel around the world alone to learn & explore this huge world safely & fruitfully. 
Be grateful that you are single by utilising the opportunity to explore & learn more knowledge. The more you learn the better your understanding & view might  be. Go out, travel to experience different cultures or read more books. Enroll into classes or workshop to upgrade your knowledge.  Visit a library or museum.
Be grateful that you can sleep & wake up according to your need.
Devout your time to yout Lord in ritual or simply sit and talk to Him more. Talk to Him or Meditate to clear your mind and handover all your worries to Him. Build the bond, establish the connection & feel His Presence. Make yourself centered & aligned to Him.
To be more grateful, I personally do it by writing it every day. Morning or before sleep. Expressing my attitude of gratitude with writing so I trained my heart, mind, body and soul to be grateful. Write so my subconscious mind remain grateful.  When we are grateful, abundance appear. 
I believe gratitude is the vitamin for the soul. 
Gratitude open the heart to receive more abundance. 
Gratitude moves us out of lack and into abundance.

To be continue. 
Feel free to drop your comments or feedback. 
See you all soon~

5 Sep 2014

What You Need To Know About Food Labels!

++ Click to Enlarge Image ++
Food Labeling What You Should Know
Source: Reusable bags

16 May 2014

Emotionally Intelliegent

Jumuáh Mubarakaah Beloved Readers.

Currently I am Reading a Book "Search Inside Yourself" by Chade-Meng Tan.

I am Totally In-Love with this book!.

So here I will share something interesting.

Do You All Agree That Our Ordinary Lifestyle is in High-Stress Environment?

When in Stress We (women) Tend to Nag.

If You Notice...

Nagging is Synonym to Women.
So I Just Focus on Us.

Last Time I use to Nag too. 

I Nag Like Nobody Business, 
Whoever Cross My Line.
My Nagging Button Start.

Last Time I Thought Nag is a Way of Relief Stress.

But, After Nagging I Felt Guilty.

I Felt Awkward. 

It Lead to Another Stress.

And The Cycle Goes on and on.

Nagging is a Sign of Emotionally Incompetence.

Nagging is Full of Negative Energy.

It makes you feel Unheard and Irrelevant, 

Your Repeated Requests Often Ignored.

Do You Keen To Transform Your life by Stop Nagging?

I Don't Tend To Nag Anymore After I Master Some Skill.

I Learn it in iMentor Academy + Online Coaching.

It Is Emotional Skills.

Thank God!

Emotionally Skills are Trainable.

That is Good News Right?

Request to Attend a FREE briefing Session 

I have one session with my Mentor Tomorrow Evening (17-May-2014) at 7.30pm  
Click Here to Apply & get details > bit.ly/1nGhQ41http://